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Title Description
WeOS horse shoe topology
Configure FRNT bus topologies with redundant uplinks
Double WeOS 1-1 NAT rules with Proxy ARP
How to use the same subnet on both sides of a routed link
WeOS multicast tunneling
Configure IPSex, GRE tunneling, OSPF and multicast routing
WeOS upgrade
The comprehensive guide to upgrade WeOS products
Self signed certificates X.509 certificate creation using Easy-Rsa with OpenVPN Download
WeOS Tcpdump Manage the built-in packet sniffer Download
WeOS port security Configure IEEE 802.1X with RADIUS authentication and MAC-authentication using MAC-Filters Download
WeOS IPSec authentication using certificates How to use IPSec main mode tunnels without public IP-addresses in both ends of the tunnel Download
WeConnect Industrial remote access - Made easy
3G/4G connection management 3G/4G link error detection and recovery Download
Dual sim failover
Connection management
How to configure an IPSec VPN
LAN to LAN connectivity over a VPN between a MRD-455 4G router and a central ADSL-350 broadband router with fixed IP address Download
VRRP with VPN failover
How to share a default gateway using a ADSL-350 Broadband Router and a MRD-455 4G router - including VPN failover


White papers

Reuse old copper cables
Diagnostics and preventative maintenance on old cabling
Distributed firewall
Increased cyber security through distributed firewall strategy Download
MTBF and system reliability How reliable are Industrial Ethernet products? Download
Índustrial protocols and WeOS Industrial Protocols and Westermo devices Compatibility Download
Cable testing SHDSL cable testing using WeConfig Download
Leased line replacement
Multidrop and point-to-point analogue leased line replacement Download

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