Westermo Certified Engineers

The following individuals have completed the Westermo Engineering Course. A Westermo Certified Engineer will be more effective at solving network problems and also be able to provide better presales support to customers.

Name Company Examination Part 1
Examination Part 2
Danijel Hunic Microstar 2016-04-26
Dejan Fabris Koncar-KET 2016-04-26
Marin Miksa Koncar-KET 2016-04-26
Hallur Birgisson Mælibúnaður 2016-04-26
Anders Regert Fortum 2016-03-15
Klaus Krogh Kristensen Focon 2016-03-15
Mats Nilsson Iatek 2015-10-01 2015-10-29
Babyr Rzayev Yandex Russia 2015-10-01
Johnny Wahlstedt Atlas Copco 2015-10-01
Rickard Egback Atlas Copco 2015-10-01 2016-03-15
Wesley Santos Atlas Copco 2015-10-01 2016-03-15
Miguel Garces Omron, Spain 2015-10-01
Jerry Merz Gross Automation, USA
Dan Gacke Gross Automation, USA 2015-05-28
William Gross Gross Automation, USA 2015-05-28
David Stauff Gross Automation, USA 2015-05-28
Per Larsson ABB 2015-05-07
Kent Nyström ABB 2015-05-07
Peter Ahlström ABB 2015-05-07
Stefan Strömqvist ABB 2015-05-07
Rolf Nordholm ABB 2015-05-07
Erik Axelson ABB 2015-05-07
Roger Nilsson ABB 2015-05-07
Peter Olsson ABB 2015-05-07
Lai Yew Meng Vector InfoTech 2015-04-16
Navid Bourhany Teleste 2015-04-16 2016-03-15
Tor-Johan Vatnehol Rolls Royce Marine 2015-04-16 2015-06-11
Marcin Skorka Tekniska Polska, Poland 2015-04-16
Piotr Slomski Tekniska Polska, Poland 2015-04-16
John Manalo Easy World, UAE 2014-11-27
Navid Niksirat Easy World, Iran 2014-11-27
Per Sahlqvist ABB
Esse Johansson ABB
Ratna-Kanth Dittakavi ABB
Veselin Nanev Rittbul, Bulgaria
James Williams Welsh Water 2014-09-25
Chris Smart Welsh Water 2014-09-25
Dave Smith Welsh Water 2014-09-25
Rhys Shanahan Welsh Water 2014-09-25
Owain Davies IAC Ltd 2014-09-25
Kevin Persse IAC Ltd 2014-09-25
Raymond Newman Somerset County Council 2014-07-10
Neal Boulter Stirling Technical 2014-07-10
Tom Randall Stirling Technical 2014-07-10
Shaun White Ocmis Ltd 2014-07-10
Paul Ford Ashdale Engineering 2014-07-10
Connor Charnley Ashdale Engineering 2014-07-10
Lau Chi Sang Euro Tech, Hong Kong 2014-03-28
Paul Fourrie Throughput, South Africa 2014-03-28
Antonio Combronero
Omron, Spain
Håkan Jeppson
Beijer Electronics, Sweden
Joel Engdahl
Beijer Electronics, Sweden
Tom-Stian Stavrum
Last Mile Communications, Norway
Karl Stavestrand
Last Mile Communications, Norway 2013-09-26
Antonio Cappelli
Bersanini, Italy
2013-09-26 2015-02-26
Michael Bugeja Tekraco, Malta 2013-05-30
Tomas Blaha Madison Technologies, Australia 2013-05-30
Bruno Verbrugghe Bintz Technics, Belgium 2012-11-29
Michael Lissau Incom, Denmark 2012-11-29
Alessandro Sbarufatti Bersanini, Italy 2012-11-29 2014-11-27
Janusz Szelag Tekniska Polska, Poland 2012-11-29 2015-02-26
Dirk van Manen Modelec, The Netherlands 2012-11-29
Henk Worst Modelec, The Netherlands 2012-11-29 2015-06-11
Shadi Shedid Xceltra, UAE 2012-12-06
Fernando Neri de Abreu Westcon, Brazil 2012-12-06
Sven Greve Incom, Denmark 2012-12-06
Hafeez Nazir Easy World, UAE 2012-12-06
Ondrej Rais FCC, Czech Republic 2012-12-06
Jiri Brusch FCC, Czech Republic 2012-12-06
Ofir Yogev El Gev, Israel 2012-12-06

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