Webinar: Best practices for using VPNs for easy network-to-network protection

December 5, 2018 | English

Learn how VPNs can secure your network-to-network communication. Different implementations are discussed, with real industry applications demonstrating how the solutions work in practice. There is also advice on what to look for in terms of threats, and pitfalls.

This webinar is presented by Westermo’s Cybersecurity Product Manager Niklas Mörth and Network Applications Expert Dr. Jon-Olov Vatn.
Duration: 56 minutes.

This session was the first webinar in a series of webinars where Westermo’s Cybersecurity and Network Applications Experts discuss the fundamentals of industrial cybersecurity. Read more about our series of cybersecurity webinars and watch the other two sessions free on demand

Cybersecurity configuration made easy

No need for advanced networking skills when securing your network. Cybersecurity features can be applied easily and quickly through intuitive and automated processes. This tutorial demonstrates some of the cybersecurity features available in Westermo switches.

Carl de Bruin

International sales

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