Connectivity for wireless video streams in mobility


High performing and reliable train to ground RF links in high-speed mobility 

Achieve redundant and aggregated networks up to 460 Mbit/s per train with WLAN and added downlink offered by the LTE infrastructure.

  • Increased availability with DFS frequencies
  • Fast handover between access points
  • Cyber secure solution with the latest security features (802.1X, Nat, PMF, MAC, WPA3)

Passenger security, as well as operational safety, are extremely important factors in mobility. Whether video surveillance is needed on board to transmit streams to an OCC, or in the front of the train to capture track activity, or on platforms to support driver-only operation, high performance is required. Our robust, highly available and reliable solutions, which use products that meet EN 50155 and EN 50121-4 standards, guarantee operational safety at 200km/h. 

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Westermo provides products and solutions for most networking applications within the rail industry. Our extensive product range and deep understanding of rail applications ensures that we can offer the best solution for your needs.

Khawar Naeem

Sales, Trains and Trackside

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