Westermo's high density onboard Wi-Fi network

Reliable wireless internet availability has become a vital part of our lifes. People are used in being online all the time; at home, in the office, at shopping centers or restaurants and even during commuting – being online and having access to personal information feeds is expected during the whole day.

Westermo has a long history in designing and delivering IEEE 802.11 technology based products for railway industry and its applications. Westermo onboard Wi-Fi products enable innovative real-time solutions for internet access, travel information, security and entertainment.

Public on-board wifi illustration.

Connectivity on board

Onboard connectivity is becoming very important factor for the users choosing travel by public transport. This connectivity is already offering true value adding services for passangers such as onboard media services, for example Live TV broadcast or real time journey information for the passengers.

Also the operations and the maintenance are benefiting the available Wi-FI network. A real-time access to databases enables better customer journey and allows uploading of datas that can be used also for example for predictive maintenance needs.

Many current public Wi-Fi network solutions are not designed for high density applications with multiple users and other wireless networks such as train-to-ground (LTE, WLAN) nearby. Westermo's high density Wi-Fi products solves these problems.

Key Features

  • Provides high-speed Wi-Fi coverage cloud on a train
  • 1 or 2 Access Point  in each carriage
  • Easy to install: Access Points can be powered by PoE – a small single antenna for dual band use
  • Real user data rates up to 1500Mbps in each carriage
  • Multi User MIMO allows even more clients to be served simultaneously
  • Concurrent operation in 2.4 and / or 5 GHz channels
  • Multi-SSID and VLAN support
  • Intelligent client steering and airtime fairness
  • Advanced encryptions (WPA2-PSK, 802.1x)
  • Supports 5GHz DFS Outdoor frequencies as well
  • Extended Service Set (ESS)

Recommended products

Wireless train applications

Westermo offers a complete range of industrial wireless data communication solutions for trains and railway.  

Mark Gibbs

Sales, Trains and Trackside

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