Cables & Antennas

To complement our range of industrial devices, Westermo also supply a range of cables and antennas to assist you in your applications. We have specialist Antennas for our 4G routers as well as specialist M12 patch cords to compliment out Viper range of train switches.

To be able to most effectively use our range of 4G antenna we have prepared a simple guide to help you select other cables and adapters to complete your antenna installation.

 9350-0350  ANT-LTE-OMNI-HG   Multi band omnidirectional antenna, 6dBi gain, 50cm fly lead, TNC(F)
 9350-0370  ANT-LTE-LP-2.5M   Multi band low profile puck antenna, 3dBi gain, 2.5m cable, SMA(M)
 9350-0390  ANT-LTE-OMNI-CFO  Multi band omnidirectional antenna, 2dBi gain, 5m cable, SMA(M)
 9350-0310  ANT-LTE-PANEL  Multi band directional antenna, 9dBi gain, 30cm fly lead, TNC(F)
 9350-0500  ANT-ROUTE-MAG  Tri-band whip antenna, magnet mount, 0dBi gain, 3m cable, SMA(M)
 9350-0157  GSM-DB-D-SMA  Dual band dipole antenna, 2dBi gain, 3m cable, SMA(M), GSM/GPRS only
 Coaxial Cables     
 9375-0050  ANTC-868-20CM   RG58, 20cm, SMA(M) / TNC(M)
 9375-0305  ANTC-2400-LP-5M  Low loss, LBC400, 5m, TNC(M) / TNC(F)
 Coaxial Adapters    *Additional cable lengths available on request
 9456-0002  RF Adapter   Adapter SMA(M) / TNC(M)
 Lightning Protection     
 9301-1001  LP3G-TNC  4G Lightning Protector
 Modem / CLI Cables    
 1211-2210  Serial Cable  Auxil.Cable RJ-45/D-sub
 1211-2027  CLI Cable-120  Diagnostic cable for DDW-120, WeOS
 1211-2215  Serial Cable  Auxil.Cable M12/DSUB9
 1211-4073  Serial Cable  Auxil.Cable M12/USB
 M12 Cables    
 3146-1100  M12-M12, 1 m  Ethernet cable
 3146-1101  M12-M12, 5 m  Ethernet cable 
 3146-1102  M12-M12, 15 m  Ethernet cable
 3146-1103  M12-RJ-45, 1 m  Ethernet cable
 3146-1104  M12-RJ-45, 5 m  Ethernet cable
 3146-1105  M12-RJ-45, 15 m  Ethernet cable
 3146-1106  M12, 1,5 m  Power cable
 3146-1107  M12, 5 m  Power cable

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