Inter-Consist Link Antenna 5 GHz



✔ Optimised for Inter-Consist Link

• Together with Westermo WLAN radios provide the ultimate ICL solution
• Easy cable replacement for inter-consist networks

✔ High performance and robust link

• 3x3 MIMO
• Clever algorithms for the optimal use of radio channels and redundant links
• ICL optimised beam shape
• Designed for short-range application
• Up to 450 Mbps

✔ Built for tough environments

• EN 50155 compliant
• IP67 and IP69K for outside mounting e.g. near train coupler


The Westermo ICL-5 short-range inter-consist antenna is tailor-made for high throughput short-range communication for inter-consist coupling in combination with Westermo radios. Unlike normal antennas, ICL antenna works without limitations in short range.

The ICL-5 antenna is designed to withstand the tough environment on-board trains exposing equipment to constant vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, etc. Ingress protection of IP67 and IP69K, enables mounting outside the train body, e.g., near the train coupler.

Thorough type testing at independent labs certifies the compliance to standards such as EN 50155.

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Technische Daten

Inter-Consist Link Antenna 5 GHz
3 x QMA (f) connectors

Nuri Shakeer

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