Dynamic Power Grid

Connectivity solutions for dynamic power grid management

Power grids need to be upgraded to allow for new dynamic loads such as electric vehicles and new unpredictable sources such as renewables. Upgrading the existing static infrastructure to cater for these loads and sources can be prohibitively expensive. 

Dynamic Grid
A more cost effective solution is to create a dynamic grid that can be adjusted according to the observed conditions. This means extending distribution automation, SCADA and smart grid infrastructure from thousands to tens of thousands of substations. However, the business case is difficult using traditional chassis-based RTU and SCADA systems due to installation, deployment and operational costs.

Virtual Access Solution
Virtual Access substation IoT gateways are a secure and scalable way to support distribution automation, and SCADA for applications such as line switching, FPI and RMU management. “Zero Touch deployment” allows for cost-effective, reliable and consistent onboarding of routers in large-scale projects.

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Rugged compact 4G/LTE routers, 3G, LTE, Dual fibre DIN rail mount routers and PoE+ LTE industrial routers

Cost effectivly deploy thousands of routers

Activator is a telco-grade, automated provisioning and monitoring system designed to simplify the logistic issues associated with deploying and managing thousands of routers. Activator can be a cloud-based or a privately installed server.

Monitor is a secure portal built in to Activator that provides your support team with access to router availability, real-time diagnostics, and dashboard reporting. Routers that are created as devices on Activator are automatically created on Monitor. Together, Activator and Monitor provide a highly scalable management solution that grows with your service.

  • Reduced cost of sending installation engineers to site
  • Easy router installations
  • Automated deployment
  • No end-user action required
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Full scheduler for bulk updates
  • Simple integration with your existing systems

Activator - How it works

Activator is a automated provisioning and monitoring system designed to simplify the logistic issues associated with deploying and managing thousands of routers. This short video will show how it works.

Case studies

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Energy applications

Westermo solutions provide data networks of the future, ensuring a smooth transition into a new era of energy supply.

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