DIN-rail Power Supply



✔ Compact PSU for demanding edge network applications

• Compact, slim design catering for space savings
• Handles short power interruptions, ensuring system operation
• Rigorously tested and approved to several demanding industry standards

✔ Powerful and efficient

• Impressive power budget of 60W and more with boost functionality
• Manages start-up currents and power spikes with dynamic boost
• Excellent power efficiency, 92%, and low heat dissipation

✔ Robust and reliable

• Long service life, thanks to high MTBF > 700,000 hrs
• Operating temperatures from -25 to +70°C, start-up capacity in -40°C
• Wiring is secured with screw connectors, for safe and reliable installation


The PS-60 is a perfect companion to most devices in the Westermo portfolio, designed to match the robust and reliable products that Westermo is known for. With superior buffering capacity and EMC immunity, the PS-60 can power network communication equipment even in harsh applications such as trackside and substation automation. The compact form factor of the PS-60 occupies a very small part of the DIN-rail, 32mm, leaving room for more mission critical equipment.

The PS-60 supports wide ranges of input voltage, both AC and DC, supporting most applications and scenarios. With a 60 W power budget, the PS-60 provides a high level of flexibility for various load scenarios, such as powering of several switches or other equipment from one single power supply. In addition, the device provides static boost which allows for system expansion and dynamic boost which removes the need for over dimensioning the PSU to manage start-up currents.

With its wide operating temperature range and tolerance for tough shock and vibrations, installation in a multitude of conditions are possible. Combined with excellent MTBF values and a wide operating temperature range, the PS-60 can be used to power anything from a simple unmanaged switch to a managed, high end switch for substation automation. Whatever your needs, the PS-60 is an ideal companion.

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Technical Specifications

DIN-rail Power Supply
Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz or 110 to 250 VDC
Output voltage: 24 to 28 VDC
Output current: 2,5A

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