Serial Adapter



✔ Easy to install and use

• Purpose built DIN rail casing with integral clip
• Extensive LED and Telnet diagnostics
• Web and DIP switch configuration

✔ Designed for use in harsh industrial applications

• Dual 10 – 60 VDC power input
• Total galvanic isolation & transient protection
• 2 fully isolated RS-232 ports

✔ Robust for long service life

• 1,000,000 hours MTBF to MIL-HDBK-217K
• –25 to +70°C (–13 to +158°F) with no moving parts
• Industrial EMC, shock and vibration testing

✔ Comprehensive legacy to IP solution

• UDP, TCP client and TCP server with packing algorithm
• Special modes for hardware handshake and resilience


The EDW-120 is a dual serial to Ethernet converter designed to allow RS-232 serial devices to communicate via TCP/IP Ethernet networks. DIP switches can be used for configuration of Ethernet port settings if required, and the password protected web interface is used for all other settings.

Diagnostic information can be accessed via a Telnet session with more basic information offered on LEDs.

The EDW-120 is designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications. The wide power range, complete galvanic isolation and transient protection allow the EDW-120 to operate without the fear of failure caused by ground loops or noise spikes typical in the worst environments.

Only industrial grade components are used which gives the EDW-120 an MTBF of 1,000,000 hours and ensures a long service life. A wide operating temperature range of –25 to +70°C (–13 to +158°F) can be achieved with no moving parts. The EDW-120 has been tested both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside applications.

The EDW-120 supports UDP, TCP client and TCP server connections between units or to a PC virtual COM port. It also has an array of special modes, including Single Client Mode, Dual TCP Connection, DSR Connection, RST on TCP Closure, RTS Control, Break Signalling and Last Calling allowing the unit to be used in a wide range of complex applications.

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Technische Daten

Serial Adapter
2 x RS-232 9-pin D-sub, 300 bit/s to 115.2 kbit/s
1 x RJ-45, 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s

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