450 MHz for private cellular networks

As providers prepare for initiatives like the smart grid that demand more visibility and control, there’s growing interest in private LTE networks as an alternative to commercial mobile networks. In a private LTE scenario, the utility operator’s wireless traffic runs over a dedicated network built on spectrum allotted by the communications regulator. Private LTE also keeps sensitive information on the internal WAN, instead of using commercial infrastructure that cyber-attackers may be more likely to target.

Typically, the 450Mhz or 410Mhz spectrums are made available for private LTE.  One characteristic of this spectrum is the benefit of better penetration and reach compared to the higher frequencies found in commercial LTE networks. Using LTE bands that are not normally accessible to the public ensures that sensitive information is kept separate from the public domain and provides an additional level of defence that will defeat all but the most determined cyber attackers.

 Westermo and private LTE

The Activator zero-touch platform has been used to deploy large-scale utility networks for customers operating private LTE networks, in many instances scaling in excess of 10,000 sites.

Westermo customers are implementing private LTE for connectivity and control of applications including:

  • Smart grid
  • Distribution automation
  • Smart metering aggregation
  • SCADA 

The Merlin series includes features designed to meet the proven needs of utilities:

  • TPM for security
  • Integrated RTU/SCADA protocols that reduce need for external RTUs and simplify large deployments
  • High galvanic isolation for longer life in electrically hostile environments
  • Support for TLS and IPsec encryption – TLS has been shown in a research study funded by the University of Strathclyde Power Networks Demonstration Centre to consume less bandwidth; useful where bandwidth conservation is a priority.

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