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Listen to the Westermo Podcast series to learn about industrial networking technologies and trends through easygoing interviews with industry experts sharing their knowledge and experiences. Join us as we explore the variety of needs and solutions shaping the world of industrial data communications.

Westermo Podcast cover art with guest Leandro Monaco.

Episode 1: Let's get Energized with Monaco

We are joined on this episode by our very own energy industry expert Leandro Monaco, who discusses how the energy and power utility sector is transforming, with demands for increased industrial data communication capabilities. He also shares some fun memories from his engineering career, explaining the reason why he pays huge respect to transformer circuit breakers. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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Westermo podcast cover art.

Introduction with Evelina and Ant

This episode introduces the podcast and your hosts Evelina Öhlander and Ant Lane. In addition, our very first guest is revealed.

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Meet your hosts

Westermo podcast host Evelina.

Evelina Öhlander

Evelina is the creative and energetic person who heads up all things related to product marketing at Westermo. Aside from working, she spends her free time doing DIY home renovations and pestering friends and colleagues with cat photos. 

Westermo podcast host Ant.

Ant Lane

Ant is Westermo's global training and support manager and overly enthusiastic techie. While not on a hike or exploring the outdoors during his leisure time, he can be found scrolling through the feed of cat photos he's regularly receiving from Evelina.

Evelina Öhlander

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