WeOS user & management guides

These guides describes the functionality of managed Westermo products running the Westermo network operating system, WeOS.

  • The WeOS 4 Management Guide is available as a PDF download
  • The WeOS 5 User Guide can be accessed online

Not sure which version of WeOS your device supports? You can find out by searching for the product support page.

WeOS 5 user guide ill.

WeOS 5 User Guide

In this detailed online guide, you can learn about every feature and function of WeOS 5.


Browse the WeOS 5 user guide online

WeOS quality assurance

Westermo’s software testing strategy is vital in ensuring that Westermo can deliver the best and most reliable software for our products. Our dedicated team is committed to deliver the world’s most robust networks and this ambition is attracting attention from industrial companies and organizations from around the world. Westermo is taking the lead in software quality assurance for industrial network solutions.

Carl de Bruin

International sales

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