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Opi asiantuntijoidemme kanssa ja lisää tietämystäsi teollisesta tiedonsiirrosta Westermo Academy:ssä. Westermo Academy tarjoaa joustavaa online- ja offline -koulutusta ja tarjoaa sertifioituja kursseja verkkoinsinööreille kaikkialla maailmassa, mikä varmistaa, että heillä on tarvittava asiantuntemus teollisten verkkojen suorituskyvyn ja luotettavuuden maksimoimiseksi.

This is Westermo Academy

Listen in to what instructor Ant Lane has to say about the different course modules included in Westermo Academy.

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Available dates 2024

Certified Engineer Switching

23-25th January, Southampton, UK 

30-01st Jan/feb, Vienna, Austria

6-8th February, Västerås, Sweden

27-29th February, Southampton, UK

12-14th March, Elgin, IL, USA

19-21st March, Southampton, UK

9-11th April, Västerås, Sweden

23-25th April, Newcastle, UK

23-25th April, Elgin, USA 

11-13th June, Southampton, UK

25-27th June, Mainz, Germany

9-11th July, Elgin, USA - New date added

10-12th September, Southampton, UK

10-12th September, Berlin, Germany

8-10th October, Västerås, Sweden 

8-10th October, Vienna, Austria

5-7th November, Mainz, Germany

12-14th November, Southampton, UK

19-21st November, Helsinki, Finland

3-5th December, Southampton, UK

Certified Engineer Routing

23-25th January, Västerås, Sweden

13-15th February, Västerås, Sweden

19-21st March, Vienna, Austria

16-18th April, Elgin, IL, USA

6-8th May, Västerås, Sweden

14-16th May, Southampton, UK 

2-4th July, Mainz, Germany

24-26 September, Berlin, Germany

22-24th October, Vienna, Austria

5-7th November, Västerås, Sweden

26-28 November, Mainz, Germany

Certified Merlin

26-28th March, Dublin, Ireland

10th-12th September, Dublin, Ireland

Certified Activator

4th June, Dublin, Ireland
11th June, Dublin, Ireland



Network upgrade jump-start

Westermo training set water control upgrade in motion

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Why learn with Westermo Academy?


Knowledge and Experience

Westermo instructors are experienced and have deep knowledge of not only Westermo equipment, but also often the connected equipment and applications, as well as experience from many different industries.


Business efficiency

Having the right knowledge and skill  will increase productivity and performance and is key to the success of a project. The knowledge attained in any Westermo course will boost careers and build relationships.

Flexible Training Platform

Westermo Academy offers a flexible training platform where courses can be chosen according to your time table and needs, in local languages. The courses offer hands on experience with Westermo equipment.

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International sales

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