Point-to-Point Fibre Converter RS-422/485



✔ Numerous fibre configuration options

• Up to 120 km distance
• BiDi support (single fibre)
• Multimode and singlemode SFPs

✔ Designed for use in Industrial applications

• Dual 10 V to 60V DC power input
• 500,000h MTBF according to MIL HDBK-217K
• Galvanically isolated status output

✔ Unique solutions for serial RS-422/485 protocols

• Data rates to 1.5 Mbit/s
• Asynchronous and synchronous protocol support
• Integral selectable failsafe and termination

✔ Simple to use and install

• Dip switches to set data rate and delay
• Comprehensive diagnostic LEDs
• Compact housing with integral DIN rail clip


The ODW-730-F1 has been designed to allow RS-422/485 protocols to be transmitted point-to-point over a fibre optic link. The design allows the use of a range of Westermo verified SFP (Small Form Pluggable) transceivers which can provide solutions with, for example, only a single fibre or distances up to 120 km.

This unit has been designed for industrial use where the requirement is for a long and reliable service life, in a harsh environment. To ensure this reliable operation we manufacture using the highest quality components.

The ODW-730 draws on Westermo’s many years of knowledge of serial protocols and can be used on both synchronous and asynchronous data streams. The switch selectable termination circuit saves the need for external terminating resistors.

The ODW is simple to install, being small, with a simple integral DIN rail clip. The unit is totally transparent to any data rate so no configuration is needed. The comprehensive LEDs provide a quick and easy way of detecting any network problems that may be encountered.

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Technical Specifications

Point-to-Point Fibre Converter RS-422/485
1 x RS-422/485 port 300 bit/s – 1.5 Mbit/s

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