Onboard connectivity

As more and more people choose to travel by public transport, onboard connectivity is becoming an increasingly significant factor. Connectivity is already providing value-added services for passengers like onboard media services, such as streaming and real-time journey information.

The available Wi-Fi network also benefits operations and maintenance. By providing real-time access to databases, businesses can provide better customer service and enable the uploading of data that may be used, for example, for predictive maintenance.

A majority of public Wi-Fi solutions today are not designed for high-density applications with multiple users or for other wireless networks in close proximity, such as train-to-ground networks (LTE, WLAN). High-density Wi-Fi solutions from Westermo address these problems. 


Westermo provides products and solutions for most networking applications within the rail industry. Our extensive product range and deep understanding of rail applications ensures that we can offer the best solution for your needs.

Mikael Jidenius

Managing Director Westermo Asia

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