10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Meets Demand for Greater Bandwidth in Mission-critical Applications

RedFox 7528 provides resilient, reliable and secure data communications in large-scale networks.

Westermo has introduced a new 10Gb industrial Ethernet switch designed to meet increasing demand for greater bandwidth, enabling modern, large-scale data communication networks to transmit more information than ever before. The RedFox 7528 provides outstanding network performance, reliability and security, making it an ideal solution for mission-critical rail trackside, energy and process industry applications.

“Many of today’s critical networking applications combine data, voice and video, and the resulting demand for high bandwidth means that high-performance, durable and reliable Ethernet switches are an essential requirement,” said Henrik Jerregård, senior product manager at Westermo. “The RedFox 7528 is designed to provide high performance for years to come, and maintain uninterrupted data communications in even the most challenging environmental conditions.”

Ensuring the security of industrial data communication networks is of paramount importance, especially with the nature of cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated. To reduce risk and increase cyber resilience, the RedFox 7528 has an extensive suite of advanced cybersecurity features. These can be used to build networks in compliance with the IEC 62443 standard, which defines technical security requirements for data communication network components.

Supporting the need for seamless connectivity throughout an enterprise, the RedFox 7528 offers functionality that enables high-speed, low-latency connectivity with supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and equipment such as HD IP CCTV cameras deployed in industrial settings. Suitable for 19” cabinets, the switch provides four 10 gigabit uplink ports and 24 one-gigabit ports, customisable with SFP transceivers, and a powerful switch core that prevents congestion when network traffic spikes. The device also features configurable I/O fault contacts to support easy installation and monitoring.

The RedFox 7528 has been extensively tested to meet a broad range of industry standards relating to electromagnetic compatibility, isolation, vibration and shock. With an IP40-rated fan-less all-metal housing, the ultra-robust switch can also handle a wide operating temperature range. Superior build quality, industrial-grade components, a high-level of isolation between interfaces and a redundant power supply extends service life and creates an extremely reliable solution that contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

Helping to reduce complexity, the RedFox 7528 is powered by the WeOS operating system, which ensures continuous operation and support for an expanding range of protocols and features, and simplifies installation, operation and maintenance. WeOS provides future-proofed network solutions with high levels of resiliency and security. Westermo’s FRNT ring protocol ensures fast recovery of networks should a node or connection be lost.

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