DIN-rail Power Supply Unit



✔ PSU for demanding edge network applications

• Perfect companion for PoE-products
• Compact, slim design catering for space savings
• Rigorously tested and approved to several demanding industry standards

✔ Powerful and efficient

• Impressive power budget of 260 W
• Power boost up to 20 %
• Adjustable power output of 48-56 VDC

✔ Robust and reliable

• Unique 1500 VAC output to ground isolation for PoE standard fulfillment
• High immunity to transients, power surges and electromagnetic emission
• Wiring is secured with screw connectors, for safe and reliable installation


The PS-260 is a reliable and compact DIN-rail mountable power supply optimized for Power over Ethernet applications. It is built to match Westermo's reputation for robust and reliable products and is ideally suited for powering Westermo's Lynx-3510-PoE. Its compact form factor occupies only 39mm of the DIN-rail, leaving room for more mission-critical equipment.

The PS-260 supports wide input voltage ranges, both AC and DC, making it compatible with most applications and scenarios. With a 260 W power budget, it provides high flexibility for various load scenarios. Whether the need to power a single high-end PoE switch or multiple switches, the PS-260 is a helpful companion.

The PS-260 units are high-end power supplies offering premium quality, reliability, and performance. Its outstanding features include high efficiency, advanced inrush current limitation, active PFC, and a wide operational temperature range. With PowerBoost, the PS-260 can provide power reserves of up to 20 %.

In addition to its impressive power capabilities, the PS-260 also offers high immunity to transients and power surges, low electromagnetic emissions, a DC-OK relay contact, and a large international approval package for a variety of applications. All of these features make the PS-260 suitable for nearly every situation. Choose the PS-260 for a reliable and flexible power supply solution. 

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Teknisk specifikation

DIN-rail Power Supply Unit
Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz or 110 to 159 VDC
Output voltage: 48 to 56 VDC
Output current: 4.0 A to 6.0 A

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