Exceptionally simple

WeConfig makes network configuration exceptionally simple. A FRNT ring network or new VLANs can be acheived in couple of minutes time. The configuration is also very simple using the "made easy" and intuitive WeConfig user interface.

FRNT ring network setup

The Westermo FRNT ring network protocol can reconfigure in 20 ms in networks with up to 200 switches. Setting up a ring network using WeConfig is very easy.

VLAN configuration

Configuring a new VLAN using WeConfig is exceptionally easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Simple and quick firmware update

WeConfig makes it very easy to update WeOS devices. Simply select the products to be upgraded in the network map and load the new software. A complete backup of the configuration will be performed before the upgrade begins. WeConfig manages the entire process, so in larger networks a huge amount of time can be saved.

MRP configuration and licence management

WeConfig allow super easy configuration and licence management of ring networks that use the MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol). Watch this short video to see just how simple it is to set up.

Simplified IP address managment

This video describes how CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation simplifies IP address management, enabling basic allocation and global parameter settings to be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated.

Copy/Paste for simple product replacement

Should a switch or router need to be replaced, an optimised ‘copy and paste’ function allows the configuration of a previous device to be easily implemented on the replacement unit. This video describes just how simple this task is using WeConfig.

Layered topology view

The layered topology view allow you to arrange the network topology into sections. This will simplify configuration, management and overview in large networks.

Cybersecurity configuration made easy

No need for advanced networking skills when securing your network. Cybersecurity features can be applied easily and quickly through intuitive and automated processes. This tutorial demonstrates some of the cybersecurity features available in Westermo switches.

Practical link alarm setup

A link alarm will instantly notify you if a port failure is detected on any network link. WeConfig makes configuration of link alarms simple and quick. 

Efficient MAC filtering deployment

Improve port security by efficiently managing and deploying MAC filtering across a whole network of WeOS supported devices.

Easy WeOS integrity verification

You can easily verify WeOS firmware integrity using WeConfig's built-in SHA-256 calculator.

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