Network security management made easy

Networking equipment must be configured to allow reliable and resilient network topologies to be created. Once networks are ready to enter operation however that equipment needs to be secured to prevent illegitimate use. Westermo make this process easy and reliable by providing the WeConfig NCM tool to help security harden the network. Not only are devices checked for insecure configuration and recommendations provided, but a security baseline report is generated for the end user confirming that the network has been fully secured.

WeOS is a secure operating system for Westermo switches and routers offering a wide array of security protocols. WeOS supports VPNs, 802.1x, TACACS+, Radius, SNMP v3 and more to allow the creation of a secure network.

WeConnect, an easy to use cloud-based remote access tool can be used to create secure tunnels to industrial networks. The VPNs are SSL encrypted and the private networks are completely isolated from other users systems. Access to the configuration pages can be restricted using dual factor authentication.

Enhanced cybersecurity using WeConfig

Remote security management saves Electricity North West over 600 working hours.

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Nuri Shakeer

International sales

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