Industrial Remote Access

Secure access to any remote device

Remote access solutions from Westermo are being used in a wide variety of industries, including industrial, utility, and infrastructure. A remote connection can be across a building or a site, or even different cities or countries. The ability to connect remotely enables authorized personnel to communicate with assets that were once inaccessible. Remote access can help your business save time and money by reducing the need for manned sites, as well as providing a holistic view of your network.

 Remote access solutions

For decades we have offered products and solutions for remote access networking applications. Our extensive product range and deep understanding of applications ensure that we can offer the best solution for your needs.

Software tools enabling secure
remote access

Westermo develops and provides software tools that make managing remote networks easier and more secure.

Wired and wireless switches and routers developed specifically
for remote access applications

Our‌ ‌diverse range of networking devices ensures that we can offer the ideal solution for your needs. Developed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standard, our products are designed and constructed to last for as long as possible with minimal maintenance.

Successful remote access collaborations

White paper about the phase out of 2G/3G cellular communications.

Preparing for the phase out of 2G/3G cellular communications

In this white paper, we discuss the imminent sunset of 2G & 3G around the globe.

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True product robustness

True product robustness

Highest quality products powered by the highest quality software, true to specification and tested to meet or exceed industry standards.



Cyber security requires a holistic approach, from the core to the edge. With our experts and rapid response teams, we provide the tools, knowledge, and support to safeguard your critical network.

A partner to rely on


Our devices are designed to operate with no interruptions, even in the most demanding applications. They can be installed with confidence knowing they will remain in operation for many years. 

Nuri Shakeer

International sales

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