Data communication for driver controlled operation (DCO)

 network topology driver controlled operation DCO 

Providing reliable and resilient communications for safety-critical Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 systems


Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) puts the driver in control of the opening and closing of train doors. DCO systems typically consist of an Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO) system and an On-Train Camera/Monitor (OTCM) system, which can be combined and operated over the same communication network and hardware. The ASDO system is responsible for enabling the correct number of doors for a specific platform length. This ensures that doors without an adjacent platform are disabled and cannot be opened. The OTCM system displays live camera images of the platform side of the train to the driver allowing the driver to close the doors when safe to do so. 

  • A proven networking solution for DCO
  • Redundant wired and wireless inter-unit coupling
  • Easy-to-use web interface for system commissioning

Westermo has a proven solution that addresses the key networking challenges in implementing DCO systems. The primary challenge is for dual redundant connectivity to extend to coupled multiple-units in any orientation. A secure and redundant mixed-media wired/wireless unit-coupling solution has been developed allowing train units to be coupled together in any orientation. This increases the flexibility of the fleet and improves the response time for system reconfiguration after coupling. In conjunction with our resilient FRNT ring protocol and robust EN50155 hardware, this solution ensures high availability for a safety-critical system

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Driver Controlled Operation

Resilient Networks for Safety Critical Applications

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