EN 50155 WLAN Access Point

This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported. Please see replacement part: Ibex-RT-610


✓ Compact WLAN access point

• Access Point with MIMO support
• Flexible and configurable through web management
• Superior radio link performance through high end RF circuitry

✓ Designed and built for extreme operational environments

• Extended operating temperature range -40 °C - 70 °C with guaranteed performance across the range
• EN 50155 approved for usage onboard trains and locomotives
• Optimised wireless link span for long range reliability under all circumstances

✓ Performance for mission critical networks

• Superior RF front end for optimised operation near other WLAN/3G/4G networks
• 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz supported
• High input sensitivity and fast connection support


The Westermo Ibex-RT-310 is a Wireless LAN Access Point for installation in harsh environments, for on-board and stationary applications. It ensures reliable, high speed data and video transmission and can be used as a passenger hotspot or as an access point for connecting wireless industrial clients.

The Ibex-RT-310 is designed to withstand the though environment on-board trains exposing the switch to constant vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and a demanding electrical environment.

A GORE-TEX® membrane prevents internal condensation. High-level isolation between all interfaces enables direct connectivity to vehicle auxiliary power and protects against overvoltage and flashover. IP66 protection prevents ingress of water and dust. An overall optimised design results in a compact package in combination with very high MTBF for easy integration and low lifecycle cost.

Thorough type testing at independent labs certify the compliance to a wide range of standards, not least EN 50155, where the highest approval class is achieved in all aspects.

Meeting the requirements of the railcar market, the Ibex-RT-310 is very well suited for deployment in any other application with severe operating conditions and tough environments, for instance in the mining industry.

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Technical Specifications

EN 50155 Access Point
3x3 MIMO
3 x QMA compatible antenna connectors
2 x Gbps ports, M12 connectors
IP66 and -40° - +70°C operating range
Power feed 24 VDC or PoE

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