Zero-touch maintenance at remote locations

Protecting your devices on-site can quickly become an unmanageable task, especially when there are too many to manually manage or are situated in difficult to reach places. An attack on critical infrastructure can disrupt utilities, causing water and power outages for residential and commercial properties.

Using Merlin cellular routers and Activator software, makes it possible to carry out multiple site services like firmware upgrades, mass configurations, and monitoring without having to go to each site.

Firewalls can be used to protect remote sites, although enabling a firewall is not just a one-time setup that is going to ultimately secure a network. Remote sites require regular maintenance and management, which is why it's important to keep your devices updated with the latest firmware. When new firmware is released, it usually contains a few bug fixes, minor improvements or additional features. Firmware typically also include fixes for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). A CVE is a list of security flaws, each uniquely identifiable and publicly available to view. Once a CVE is announced, companies will release a firmware version with a fix to ensure that your device is as secure as it can be.

zero touch deployment using Westermo activator

Devices installed in remote locations can be uniquely identified to simplify management. The device is equipped with either a hostname or serial number hard-coded into it. Device asset management helps system administrators understand exactly what and where each device is situated. The information is important in case of in-field replacements or when installing equipment during a mass deployment. Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a Merlin cellular router can periodically transmit small packets of data back to a network management tool to report such valuable information. SNMP is capable of sending countless measurements, including port status, cellular signals, and static values such as a serial number. The latest version, SNMPv3, enables secure transmission of SNMP data over the air to ensure message integrity, providing vital information for administrators.

With prior planning, management and periodic reporting, a cellular router, along with activator, allows system administrators to manage multiple site services. Firmware can be automatically updated, ensuring that the site is as up-to-date and secure as possible. Periodic rollout during scheduled downtime or unsocial hours is also configurable. In addition, with the assistance of SNMP and other protocols, data can be transmitted to a top-end system for a true picture of large network deployment. In the case of a cyber security incident, administrators and security experts can act quickly to prevent loss of service to local customers.


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