Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Router



✔ Versatile Cat 4 LTE router for utility and industrial applications

• Compact unit with DIN-rail mounting
• All LEDs and interfaces to the front of unit for easy access
• Multi-service support: LTE, Ethernet, RS-232, Digital Input
• Industrial SCADA protocol gateway and conversion

✔ Secure by design

• Cybersecurity suite: 802.1X, VPN encryption, stateful firewall
• Trusted Platform Module keeps cryptographic keys secure
• Secure zero-touch large scale deployment

✔ Robust and resilient

• Dual SIM card
• High MTBF
• Wide temperature range


The Merlin 4100 router is a versatile LTE cellular router suited to a variety of industrial deployments. The compact and rugged design makes it ready for harsh environments that require remote access such as SCADA, CCTV, telemetry, smart grid, digital signage and intelligent traffic systems.

The Merlin series is designed from the ground up to achieve best-in-class Cybersecurity. High security VPNs, stateful inspection firewall, user authentication and 802.1x are just a few of the features available to keep the device secure both locally and when transmitting data over the internet or private network.

The Merlin 4100 is compatible with the Activator Zero-Touch Deployment software. Activator ensures that configurations are generated and deployed from a central server, reducing configuration mistakes and increasing efficiency during the installation phase of a project.

A dual-use port is software-configurable to act either as a RS-232 serial port or as a dry contact digital input. The serial port facilitates applications where it is necessary to migrate from modems to an IP infrastructure. The industrial protocol gateway feature enables several devices using different protocols to be accessed via a common protocol interface. This compact unit is suited to tight spaces. Its high MTBF, wide temperature range and voltage supply ensure the Merlin 4100 can deal with the demands of industrial and utility applications.


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Technische Daten

Industrial Cellular Router
LTE Cat 4
Trusted Platform Module
Secure Boot
9.6 - 60V isolated power
4 x 100 Mbit/s RJ-45
2 x Mini SIM card slot
1 x dual-use port configurable to act either as RS232 or Digital Input

Nuri Shakeer

International sales

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