Train network products

Intelligent communication solutions for train networks

There are a number of factors that set train networks apart from traditional networks. For instance, train networks have to deal with a dynamically changing topology, as rail cars are connected/disconnected to the train. It also has to ensure high uptime, by coping with a number of failure scenarios. Network security is another crucial aspect, as threats are intensifying.

Consequently, demands on the intelligence of the network are constantly increasing. Westermo has, through its many years in the data communications industry in general and in the train networks business in particular, developed a unique know-how about demands and solutions for the train networks market.

Westermo engineers have built in the required intelligence into WeOS (Westermo Operating System), a very well proven software which combines extreme robustness with ease of use, by hiding complex solutions behind intuitive user interfaces. With WeOS you get an intelligent, future proof and scalable solution.

The Ethernet broadband bridge

Create cost effective solutions for train refurbishment projects. Resuse existing cables in the train couple to form an Ethernet network.

Dual redundant and failsafe backbone

Solution specially designed to allow the creation of a fault tolerant Ethernet backbone structure on trains. The dual bypass relay router ensures that aggregated links between carriages are maintained, even if one carriage has a power failure.

Multiple secure and isolated services

Save cost by sharing network infrastructure while preseving security across multiple services.

Next generation high definition video recording

Connect gigabit devices to the consist ring. Record more cameras at higher resolution and take advantage of the latest wireless solutions at full speed.

Train network resilience

Fault tolerant Ethernet train network on multiple levels using FRNT ring protocol, VRRP, LACP and failsafe backbone routers.

TTDP, Train Topology Discovery Protocol

Train inauguration is a process where the network can automatically reconfigure as carriages are joined or rearranged. The TTDP (Train Topology Discovery Protocol) in the RedFox Rail backbone router allows this reconfiguration meaning that networking skills do not have to be taught the operations staff of the train operating company.

Rapid video stream failover

Intelligent distributed multacast options allows for uninterrupted audio and video streams.

High-speed communication networks on-board trains

Westermo provides an extensive range of network devices that can be used to create reliable solutions for many different applications such as Wi-Fi access points, observation and surveillance cameras, multimedia displays, network video recorders, online timetable information, diagnostic data and much more. The very compact Viper series of Ethernet train switches provides up to 20 ports with or without PoE and up to 5 gigabit ports. The versatility of the Viper series and the ability to process high amounts of data traffic solves the growing need for network capacity.


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Mikael Jidenius

Managing Director Westermo Asia

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