Westermo Management

Presentations of Ependion senior executives and board members are available on the Ependion website.

Jenny Sjödahl


Employed: 2016

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Johan Inestam


Employed: 2018

Linda Kärreby

VP Human Resources

Employed: 2019

Education: B.Sc


Mikaela Näslund

VP Research and Development

Employed: 2021

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Patrik Wall

VP Operations

Employed: 2020

Education: M.Sc (Eng.)

Lena Westerholm, Westermo.

Lena Westerholm

VP Sustainability

Employed: 2023

Erik Danielsson

VP Sales

Employed: 2013

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Andreas Eriksson

VP Strategy and Services

Employed: 2017

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Henrik Jerregård

VP Product Management and Marketing

Employed: 2019

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.)

Sales Office & Technology Centre Management

Ian Poulett, Westermo UK

Ian Poulett

Managing Director Westermo United Kingdom

Employed: 2023

Mikael Jidenius

Managing Director Westermo Asia

Declan Carew

Managing Director Westermo Technology Centre, Virtual Access, Ireland

Employed: 2022

Jason Price

Managing Director Westermo Australia

Employed: 2016

John Pavlos

Managing Director Westermo North America

Employed: 2018

Jussi Harju

Managing Director Westermo Technology Centre, Westermo Neratec, Switzerland

Employed: 2008

Marco Gerhard

VP Germany, Austria & Switzerland and Managing Director Westermo Germany and Technology Centre Eltec

Employed: 2016

Olivier Bughin

Managing Director Westermo France and Belgium

Employed: 2000

Lars Eriksson

Managing Director Westermo Spain and Portugal

Employed: 2012

Örjan Axelsson

Managing Director Westermo Sweden and Finland

Employed: 2021

Carl de Bruin

International sales

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