Efficient and reliable maintenance

Careful and consistent network maintenance is the key to reliable operation over long periods of time. Regular configuration backups and proper documentation are incredibly important if there are problems on the network. Any new configuration, upgrade or extension may involve a risk and could create network instabilities if not preformed correctly. WeConfig has been developed to make it easy and safe to perform software upgrades and reconfigurations. Built-in functions minimize the risk of misconfiguration and automatic backups makes it possible to always go back to the previous configuration if needed.


  • Automatic configuration backup
  • Manual device backup
  • Documentation per device
  • Creation of project files
  • Secure and safe software updates (primary and backup images)
  • Configuration manager
  • Alarm and events logging

Simple and quick firmware update

WeConfig makes it very easy to update WeOS devices. Simply select the products to be upgraded in the network map and load the new software. A complete backup of the configuration will be performed before the upgrade begins. WeConfig manages the entire process, so in larger networks a huge amount of time can be saved.

Nuri Shakeer

International sales

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