Extending Ethernet with reused cables

In most industrial data communication applications it is not unusual for the cost of cable and the installation to massively outweigh the cost of the equipment at either end of the link. There is not only this cost but the length of time it may take to lay the cable and inconvenience this may cause in the process. A simple solution that can provide good bandwidth and long transmission distances for Industrial Ethernet network is the Westermo Wolverine products.

Simple point to point

With a single twisted pair 15.7Mbit/s is possible. Using the DDW-142 two twisted pairs can be “bonded” to provide a channel with 30.4Mbit/s. Enough for most industrial systems.


It is not always about high data-rate if the lines are noisy data-rates as low as 32Kbit/s allow connections to be made in the harshest environments.

Multidrop solutions

Multidrop architectures were popular in network solutions for standards like FSK modems or RS485. The Ethernet extender can make use of these cables with different data rates on the various segments.


Ring solutions

With so many devices now having Ethernet connections more and more devices are attached to networks making them critical to operation – Network failure therefore is not an option. The Wolverine family allow ring structures to be built.


Built in diagnostics and management also allow analysis of line quality. Degradation of one of the lines can be flagged up and preventative maintenance carried out therefore ensuring 100% network operation.

Legacy serial connection

If you are upgrading a network then it may be that you will want to carry on running some of the old serial systems. The DDW-142 and DDW-226 provide an RS232 port for legacy connection.

Severoceske Doly

Westermo improve monitoring capabilities for Czech Republic's largest mining company

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