Industrial Cybersecurity

Reliable and secure industrial networks

The threat of a sophisticated cyber-attack on mission critical infrastructure networks is increasing all the time. A successful attack on these networks could have a profound impact on our society, causing great economic loss or worse. Westermo recognize that to effectively defend against potential attacks, it is necessary to deliver more than just a product. We offer technical expertise, a secure supply chain, rapid response to security incidents and simple ways to securely configure your network.

The importance of industrial cybersecurity

For a long time, infrastructural and industrial applications have been relatively unaffected by cyber attacks, but that is rapidly changing due to digitization and evolution of the IIoT. Cyber threats are increasing globally, and many attacks have been targeted explicitly towards industrial infrastructure with severe consequences. As attacks will continue to get more sophisticated, continuously securing your industrial networks and systems has never been more critical. Are your defenses ready?

Westermo can help to safeguard your assets

Industrial cybersecurity has matured but remains a challenging and dynamic domain. Whether you have come a long way or if you are taking your first steps to secure your assets, Westermo will be a reliable partner in protecting your critical infrastructure.

We will provide robust and reliable network technology powered by our operating system WeOS, that is continuously updated to comply with the latest cybersecurity guidelines. Using our industrial network management tools, you can build robust and straightforward processes for deploying proper cybersecurity measures keeping your systems, networks, and connected devices protected from criminal and unauthorised access.

Westermo secure portfolio


Nuri Shakeer

International sales

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