Unmanaged 8-port Ethernet Fibre Switch



✓ Basic automation connectivity solution

• 6 x 10/100 Base T ports
• 2 x 100 Base-FX ports (single & multimode solution)
• Transparent to automation Ethernet protocols
• Quality of Service for packet precedence

✓ Designed for easy industrial installation

• DIN rail mount
• Dual 10 to 60 VDC power supply
• Fault relay alarm

✓ Operation within industrial environments

• –10 to +70°C (+14 to +158°F) operating temperature
• IP31 aluminium case
• AC 1.5 kV insulation

✓ Easy configuration and use

• DIP switch fault contact configuration
• No user set up required
• Broadcast storm filter


The SDI-862 is a simple and cost effective unmanaged fibre switch suitable for use in a wide range of factory and building automation applications. Two models are available – The SC2 for use on up to 2 km (1.2 mi) of multimode fibre and the SC30 for single-mode applications up to 30 km (18 mi).

 A high speed switch core ensures full speed on all ports and transparency to any Ethernet protocol.

The unit is designed for DIN rail mounting into industrial cabinets allowing simple Ethernet connections to be established between PLCs, I/O units, drives, inverters and HMIs.

The SDI-862 is easy to use, simply connect power to the screw terminals and plug in your RJ-45 cables. If you plan to use the fault contacts a DIP switch allows configuration whilst LEDs provide simple diagnostics if required. A broadcast storm filter helps out if a loop is created by mistake.

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Technical Specifications

Unmanaged 8-port Ethernet Fibre Switch
6 x 10/100 Base T ports
2 x 100 Base-FX ports multi-mode SC connector

Nuri Shakeer

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